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MY FAVORITE TEACHER: Sudha Carolyn Lundeen
By:Nina Triolo
SCHOOL / CITY: Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

GREAT QUALITIES Sudha Carolyn Lundeen HAS: Sudha is the authentic yoga woman. I first encountered Sudha 7 years ago during my first trip to Kripalu. A senior teacher with 30 years experience, Sudha trained with Swami Kripalu. Her loving, compassionate way of teaching makes yoga accessible for everybody. Every class is an exploration of not only the asanas, but a journey to your soul. She guides students to be curious and notice the little nuances the body is experiencing, bringing their awareness to sensation and thoughts, while gently reminding us to be compassionate and loving with ouselves. Her compassion and love create a safe environment for self exploration and discovery, a beautiful choreography of body, breath and moving meditation.

MY PERSONAL STORY WITH Sudha Carolyn Lundeen: Sudha was one of my teachers for my first 500 hour module for Kripalu Teacher Training. A 10 day intense training on teaching transformational classes. I have always guided my students to listen to their body and never judge or compete when practicing yoga, but I never realized I did not allow myself that same gift. Leading with compassion and by example, Suhda allowed me to take care of my own needs, which in turn has made me a better teacher. I carry her in my heart in every class I teach. I am truly blessed to have trained under such an authentic yogi.

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