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How to listen during yoga practiceBy Brenda Mitchell Posted 07-Nov-2017


How To Listen To Your Body During Yoga Practice.   

If you already know you have weak spots or old injuries, this is the first place to tune into and pay special attention to. Sometimes however, this is the last place we hurt ourselves. We are so busy worrying about an old injury that we over compensate and do damage to another part of our bodies. As an example, a student I met had bad wrists, so instead of strengthening them, he concentrated on standing poses and neglected the area. Unfortunately, he damaged his ankle from overworking one area rather than spreading the load over all parts. When starting a yoga class or home session, start by tuning into your body and noticing what is tight, what feels stretched and where any aches may be. Start with a simple pose such as child and breathe into all areas just noticing how you feel. Lengthen the outward breath to engage the parasympathetic nervous system and take the time to feel your body. Next, allow yourself to warm up your whole body, ensuring that you are not stretching into cold muscles. Take your time and breathe through each warm up sequence. Remember, it is your practice and there is no need to compete with anyone else in the class. If there is any throbbing, heat or pain, back off from that area a little and just work to your level of comfort. It is amazing what our body can tell us if only we are aware enough to listen. Work through your practice to your comfort and experience and always speak with your teacher about any concerns. Always seek medical advice if problems do not lessen and with any exercise, honour your practice. One on one yoga lessons are a great way to work through your problems, learn some routines that work to your strengths and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Yours in health xx. Brenda

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    If you already know you have weak spots or old injuries, this is the first place to tune into and pay special attention to.


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