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How Does Yoga Link with Ayurveda?By Brenda Mitchell Posted 05-Dec-2017

The Sanskrit meaning of yoga is the loving union of the individual self with the Supreme Self. This loving, devoted and sweet relationship is like nothing else. Union with the Supreme still allows us individuality, however we are as one with the Lord in our hearts. When in this union, we are then focused on the Supreme Soul at all times, not just when practicing a form of yoga. By thinking on this and always growing our love for the Supreme, we are practicing yoga. Our body is dovetailing with our will and mind. When we are in union with the Supreme, we are truly happy and satisfied and our minds no longer cause us anxiety or distress. The yoga that most think of is the asana classes that they attend. While this is the start, yoga is a range of structures and practices starting at asanas and working our way up to Bhakti Yoga. Ayurveda helps us to understand our dosha, how we are affected by the seasons and our environment. It is individual and the time frame to find balance and wellness can vary depending on the person’s illness and how it evolved as well as how much they take on to help themselves. Ayurveda is more importantly, the support system that we can use to help us to live our lives in harmony with nature while also supporting us on our spiritual journey. We can use Ayurveda as part of our pathway on our spiritual journey, but only if the things we are motivated to achieve are to elevate ourselves to have a loving relationship with the Supreme. Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle allows us to be healthy, have energy, gain mental clarity and ensure that we are eating and living in the mode of goodness. When we are feeling well and healthy with a clear mind, it is easier to achieve our higher spiritual goals. Ayurveda is the physical system to allow us to be healthy and to heal and to accompany the system of yoga. You do not need to practice Yoga to practice Ayurveda and vice versa. Being the sister science to yoga means that the two sciences work in really well together. We are able to use this to ensure we are living in the mode of goodness with regards to the foods that we eat and how we live our lives and makes us more conscious. We gain the most when we practice Yoga and Ayurveda together as they help us physically and spiritually and can assist us the most when linked together. Both Yoga and Ayurveda recognise that our life is with regards to a higher purpose – which is to link with the Supreme. They also recognise both energies in the world, being spiritual energy and matter. Yoga and Ayurveda work towards being in sync with nature and our environment.

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    Yoga and Ayurveda work towards being in sync with nature and our environment.


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