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GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITYCool ways yogis are giving back around the world

My Favorite Give Back Project : Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia
By:Kate McIntyre Clere
Location/City: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

What is the Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia :Pregnant women in rural Ethiopia have little or no access to emergency obstetric services. If they are among the five percent of women worldwide who will face obstructed labour, they will be in agonisinglabour for days and days.
They almost always lose their baby and suffer horrific internal damage – sometimes the bladder is completely destroyed, sometimes the rectum is also damaged. They leak constantly and are pushed to the edge of their society, too filthy to be part of village life and considered a curse.
“I would rather have my arm cut off than live with this condition.” Yenenesh, aged 17.
But there is hope. In the Ethiopian capital, there is a hospital especially for these, the most heartbreaking of patients. The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital and its five regional hospitals treat obstetric fistula patients free of charge, thanks to the generosity of donors.

My Personal Story with the Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia : I have been inspired to o help the work of Catherine Hamlin and by her singualy quest to change so many lives.

Great Qualities Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia has : I am so inspired by the work of Dr Catherine Hamlin who saw the need so many years ago to start her hospitals and through her commitment so many women's lives have been changed. Through her work women have been given a chance to lead normal lives and are freed of the shame and isolation the otherwise would have endured.

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